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The empowering decision to dye my hair

I’m a natural red head. For pretty much all of my life I have received compliments on my hair. I’m told how beautiful it is, how lucky I am, and even have people assume it must be dyed (when asked how I get my color, my standard response has been “My mom made it!”). And almost everyone has told me some variation of “Don’t ever dye it.” Continue reading

60 Fall Date Ideas

Recently I read an article all about fall date ideas that I thought was pretty asinine. I thought I could come up with a better list for more adventurous couples.

Date nights (or days, whatever) are important! They help you reconnect when you’ve gotten complacent due to stress and the mundane routines of everyday life. If you are a parent, it’s a great way to feel like a grownup and your own person again. And above all, date nights are just fun. You deserve fun. Say it with me “I deserve fun.” Good. Now, “I deserve to have a good time.” Excellent. “I am a badass who works hard and does all my adult stuff like a boss. I deserve a drink, good food, and maybe a little action.” You’ve got it.

Now, pawn your kids off on your mom (or whoever), gussy yourself up, and go get your autumnal freak on! Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Go apple picking
  • Go see a scary movie in the theatre (you know there’s a bunch coming out in October)
  • Host an at home scary movie night
  • Watch really old scary movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space and make fun of them, Mystery Science Theatre style.
  • Make a bonfire, snuggle under a blanket, drink hot chocolate/cider, make s’mores, make out.
  • Two words: Brewery tour
  • Bike tour of fall colors
  • Driving tour of fall colors
  • Train tour of fall colors (or, you know, just through somewhere scenic, like the Georgetown loop here in Colorado or something like that)
  • Barbecue while it’s still nice out
  • Go see a highschool or recreational league football game (or a professional one if your rich). Sneak in liquor in a flask.
  • Go to a pumpkin patch. Do all the activities, even kid ones.
  • Go to a pumpkin chucking event.
  • Build a catapult and enter a pumpkin chucking event.
  • This one takes some planning ahead: Grow a giant pumpkin (this is a homesteading blog, after all), enter it into a giant pumpkin contest.
  • Enter a pumpkin or apple baking contest.
  • Enter a pie eating contest.
  • Go walk around a local Halloween store like Spirit or Halloween City. Try all the animatronics. Try on masks and costume accessories.
  • Go on a haunted walking tour of your city.
  • Visit a cheesy haunted house
  • Check out a real haunted house/location (a popular one here is The Stanley Hotel)
  • Do a corn maze
  • Do a haunted corn maze
  • Go to a fall festival
  • Go to an Oktoberfest event
  • Visit an old cemetery and walk around. Perhaps you live near where a famous person is buried, find their grave. (Alfred Packer is a popular one here)
  • Themed pub crawl
  • Walking tours of historic areas where you live (now that it’s getting cooler walking tours are much more pleasant)
  • Look for a Dia De Los Muertos event near you.
  • Play ding dong ditch.
  • Get weird couples photos taken. Like these ones Jeremy and I did mocking romance novel covers, or these zombie engagement photos. (Or do boring, white bread ones for norms, whatever)
  • Obtain as many revealing halloween costumes as possible and do a fashion show for your partner. Or you could parade out one a night like some sexy advent calendar leading up to Halloween.
  • See a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • The Zombie Run
  • Play paintball
  • Go see a local battle of the bands
  • Take advantage of all the body paint for sale this time of year, and paint each other!
  • Play some Halloween drinking games.
  • Pull some harmless pranks on friends and family.
  • Dress up like clowns and hang out creepily in places like cemeteries. Apparently that’s a thing now.
  • Plan next years garden. Remove any shrubs or trees you want to replace, go through seed catalogs, build any structures you need around your property (another friendly reminder that this is a homesteading blog)
  • Volunteer somewhere together
  • Go see a concert
  • Make a buffet of fall/Halloween treats
  • Do a game night double date with friends
  • Go on a hike while it’s still nice out.
  • Get tattoos together (maybe this is just me aching for another tattoo, I don’t know)
  • Pick a random town in your state and plan a trip there. Bonus points for a weekend getaway.
  • Check groupon and living social for local activities, classes, travel deals. They actually have a lot of awesome ones.
  • Go to a hot springs
  • Go to a library
  • Go to a planetarium
  • Go check out a dispensary (sorry everyone who doesn’t live in Colorado or Washington, this one’s not for you)
  • Put together a Halloween music playlist. Dance to it
  • Scatter fun sized halloween candy of choice on your bed, put your favorite seasonal beer on ice on the night stand, pick out a couple of freaky Halloween masks, and get kinky with your lover
  • Go roller skating
  • Make some sexy art for your home.
  • Go to a burlesque performance
  • Go see local comedians perform
  • Take advantage of Halloween costumes and act out a role playing scenario that has intrigued you

This years lessons, plans, and things to think about

We had some major successes and major failures this year, and since I didn’t chronicle them in real time (I guess that counts as one of our failures) I’m going to list them all here. We also have some very specific plans coming up for the winter and next year you can expect to hear more about. Finally, there are some general ideas we’re tossing around that we still need to settle on and decide a timeline for. Continue reading

Friday round up

Here’s a round up of things we were doing and found interesting this week!

Music we’ve been digging 

Jessica has been chilling with Paul Simon and her Halloween mix. Elijah has been continuing his love affair with Fall Out Boy. Freja has been rocking The Finger Family and Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Weekly readings

 Climate change is so bad even Big Agra wants to fight it 

Cool ideas for your apple harvest! 

Two Boys 1 Homestead wrote this list of recommended reading that’s definitely going on my Goodreads list 

Fat Body Politics talks about working with Planned Parenthood to create more inclusive healthcare! 

Empress of Dirt has some cool ideas for DIY season extenders 

Farming my backyard talks planting garlic, something I’m doing this weekend! 

Stephen Hawkings makes some interesting predictions about robots and rich people 

Dances With Fat calls out a ridiculous gardening meme 

Ronnie Citron-Fink discusses how climate change is a woman’s issue. 

Johns Hopkins finds that proximity to fracking wells is associated with premature birth 

Feds decide that the well being of the environment in which we live has nothing to do with our health. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization expects 250,000 people a year to die due to global warming. And NASA says that 3 feet of sea level rising is now unavoidable.

A man who once stiffed me on a tip when I worked as a waitress in a sushi restaurant in downtown Denver is now Governor and came up with a bad environmental plan. 

 (yes, I’ll tell you all that story some time)

Grist talks about the connections on tar-sands pollution, racism, and sexism 

This week’s pictures

  I think we hatched one of the pretty cinnamon ones! This one will be a keeper!

  I drove a golf cart for the first time on a field trip!
   Elijah got silly at the Halloween City

  I’m starting work on a major activism project! 

More local fracking activism

Last night I went to another meeting concerning the fracking super well that will in all likelihood be built a block away from my children’s future middle school. This meeting was hosted by Synergy Resources, the company that owns the mineral rights to that area and plans on drilling there, and was significantly more entertaining than the last one. I live tweeted it, but in case you missed that, here are the important takeaway points, as I see it. Continue reading

Environmentalism vs. NIMBYism

The other night I went to a meeting hosted by Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now, or ACCDAN. They were opposing the drilling of a new natural gas well in the area, a so called super well, which would be a large facility. Fracking contributes a great deal to climate change through the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. There are also potentially health risks to people from drinking potentially contaminated drinking water and breathing contaminated air around the facility, but mostly my concern is the climate. I was excited to be able to do some activism in my own community, but I expected the turnout to be small. I live in a middle class community that is largely conservative, and conservatives tend to uphold the Drill Baby Drill mantra.  Continue reading

Karma is bullshit. But I’m going to keep being nice anyway.

This spring we took a family trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. It’s not something Jeremy or I would have been super interested in doing ourselves, but we had to go to Florida anyway for my dad’s wedding, and my sister really wanted to spend some more time together as a family. My mom even flew out (after my dad’s wedding, it would have been really awkward for her to have attended that!) to join us. Continue reading